What is a neuropsychologist?

A neuropsychologist is a clinical psychologist with specialized training in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships. Neuropsychologists use cognitive and psychological tests to assess, diagnose, and provide treatment recommendations for individuals with neurological, medical, and psychiatric conditions. These assessments provide a better understanding of each patient’s cognitive, behavioral, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. A thorough definition can be found here at the National Academy of Neuropsychology’s website.

What is involved in a neuropsychological evaluation?

Typically, an evaluation will involve: A comprehensive interview with the neuropsychologist to gather information pertaining to the questions at hand, review of relevant records (for example medical records or school reports), and neuropsychological testing. After the evaluation, the neuropsychologist writes a report that presents the results of the evaluation, a conceptualization of how the individual is functioning that addresses the referral question, and appropriate recommendations that will lead to the next steps of treatment planning. Feedback and education on the results of the evaluation are provided to patients whenever possible.

How long does a neuropsychological evaluation take?

It depends on the nature of the referral question. It can typically take anywhere from two hours up to ten hours of face-to-face time. For longer evaluations, it is possible to break it up into different days. Timeliness is of importance for all parties involved, and Dr. Silva usually has the report out within two weeks.

Do you offer evaluation services and therapy in Spanish?

Yes. We provide both evaluation and therapy services without the need for interpreters for Spanish-speaking patients.

Do you take insurance?

At the present time, we accept: Aetna, Cigna, Medicare, Coventry, First Health, and CorVel, and PPO insurances. Other insurance plans may offer out-of-network benefits that may cover services. Check with your insurance company to find out what information would be needed to pay for an out-of-network provider. As a courtesy to new clients, we can obtain insurance verification and authorization for services prior to scheduling the first appointment. If you choose to pay out-of-pocket, we accept credit cards.