Sheila Allameh, PsyD, Psychological Assistant

2015-09-08 09.14.42 (2)Dr. Allameh is a Registered Psychological Assistant (PSB94021850) supervised by Dr. Silva. She is the former Clinical Administrator of the Multidisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program and the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy departments at ROC. Her experience in Clinical Psychology is broad, having served a variety of populations with several placements in San Diego County, including Scripps Clinic – Division of Mental Health, Catholic Charities, and the University of California at San Diego Medical Center. Her clinical interests are diverse; she enjoys managing patients living with chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Her clinical, research and administrative positions include several years of experience working primarily from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (C.B.T.) approach while utilizing the biopsychosocial model. Her specialized training includes working with patients living with chronic physical and mental illness. Dr. Allameh has had experience working with all ages of the lifespan in diverse communities including Worker’s Compensation, multidisciplinary care, pain rehabilitation, as well as the UCLA Pediatric Pain Program. Dr. Allameh is bilingual in Farsi and English, and is committed to improving the lives of her patients. She is interested in empowering her patients to lead authentic lives while reaching their full potential. Her strong focus on improving functioning helps patients cultivate a relationship between the mind and body, an essential ingredient to improving the lives of others.