Dr. Alarid is a licensed psychologist (PSY29910) who specializes in the psychology of men. The focus of his clinical training has been primarily on men experiencing control issues, stress, general sadness, excessive worry, and being easily irritated. During his postdoctoral fellowship, he treated active military who were diagnosed with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and PTSD by conducting both individual and group therapy. Working with active military, he quickly learned how to gain the individual’s trust and confidence to let him into their lives, providing a safe, nonjudgmental space to process life’s events. Much of his studies and research has concentrated on men’s issues. His doctoral dissertation focused on interviewing retired professional male boxers and studying how they adjusted to retirement once the fame and fortune was gone.

Dr. Alarid uses Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) in his approach towards treating post traumatic stress disorder and other trauma and stressor-related disorders.

Dr. Alarid also works at UCSD-Family Medicine and UCSD-Internal Medicine where he treats patients experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. Being one of the few Spanish-speaking psychologists, he has had the opportunity to treat many Latino males from different cultures and has learned to adapt and adjust to each patient’s personality. 

Dr Alarid

“The act of revealing oneself fully to another and still being accepted may be the major vehicle of therapeutic help.”

-Irvin D. Yalom 

Educational & Experience:

CA License: PSY29910
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Aurora Behavioral Healthcare
Military Track
Psychological Internship
Children’s Institute, Inc.
Bilingual Track- Spanish
Trained in Trauma-Focused CBT

Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.)
Alliant International University/ CSPP-San Diego

Master’s in Psychology (M.A.)
Alliant International University/ CSPP-San Diego
Bachelor’s in Psychology (B.A.)
San Diego State University (2011)

Professional Memberships

American Psychological Association (APA)