Now Offering Nutritional Counseling Services at PNBC

Ensuring a proper diet is vital to help not only with health conditions, but mood and cognitive functioning as well. Read our blog article about the connection between psychology and nutritional science here.

We are pleased to be offering nutritional counseling services at Pacific Neurobehavioral Clinic with Jaqueline Perez, a registered dietitian nutritionist. Ms. Perez will work in tandem with our psychologists and therapists at PNBC to ensure optimal dietary plans for our patients.

Jaqueline Perez is a San Diego-based registered dietitian with a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Ohio University. Since starting her career in nutrition, she has provided nutrition coaching to groups and individuals with disordered eating to help improve their relationship with food. Jaqueline also has expertise in nutrition for weight loss and diabetes prevention with experience in leading groups in the National Diabetes Prevention Program with successful results. Her philosophy on nutrition has been a key to the success of her clients.

 In addition to using nutrition to help reach one’s physical health goal, she also incorporates stress coping mechanisms and building up a strong microbiome to help improve mental and emotional health.

Prior to working in private practice, Jaqueline practiced as a clinical dietitian in skilled nursing facilities. There, she found a passion for preventative nutrition therapy, inspiring her to create her own practice to help others maintain healthy, wholesome diets to help prevent chronic disease.

To learn more about the nutritional counseling services at PNBC, click here.