Welcome, Dr. Jose Lafosse!

And…we have one more addition to our team!

Dr. Jose Lafosse is a board-certified neuropsychologist, specializing in the assessment of brain injury and neurological disorders in adults. At PNBC, Dr. Lafosse will be providing clinical neuropsychological evaluations services for a wide range of neurological conditions in adults. He is a bilingual English/Spanish speaker. 

He is a consulting neuropsychologist at the renowned Craig Hospital in Denver for patients with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury.  He is also a Professor in the Department of Psychology & Neuroscience at Regis University (Colorado).  Dr. Lafosse has also published in the top scientific journals in neuropsychology, and served as a reviewer for several of these same journals.  His experience as both a neuropsychologist and a university professor enables him to bring an integrated clinical and academic perspective to all his clinical and forensic work.   

With respect to his forensic work, Dr. Lafosse specializes in high value, complex cases that require objectivity, excellent analytical skills, a critical review of records, an evidence-based evaluation, clear and understandable communication with juries, and an enjoyment of working in an adversarial setting. He maintains an independent forensic practice in both Denver, CO, and San Diego, CA.