Neuropsychological Evaluation Rates

The following list provides a range for different types of evaluations. Please note that the final cost of an evaluation depends on: 1) Rates for the evaluator, and, 2) Time spent to complete the evaluation (to include face-to-face time with examinee, time to review records, score and interpret results, write the report, and provide a feedback session), which varies based on complexity of the referral question.

  • Neuropsychological evaluation: $2,500-$4,500
  • Psychological evaluation: $1,200-$2,500

Neuropsychological evaluations conducted at the request of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) follow standardized and comprehensive protocols. The following rates include the evaluation from start-to-finish, and includes review of up to 100 page of records.

These rates are based on the FAA specifications as of 10/31/2022. Please note that if there are updates to the specifications, pricing may change. 

  • ADHD: $2,800 for the initial screener. The FAA requires that if there are concerns based on the initial screener, a second day of testing would be warranted. The examinee would be informed on the same day of the initial screener of their results and if the second day would be needed. If so, the second day would cost an additional $1,200. A urine drug screen (UDS) is required on each date of testing, and is not included in this cost. The examinee would be responsible for going to a lab or their choice to obtain the UDS.
  • Depression with SSRI: Requires CogScreen first ($1,650). If concerns come up on the CogScreen, full neuropsych is needed, which would be an additional $2,350 (total $4,000).
  • HIV: Initial evaluation is $4000. 
  • Neurocognitive Impairment: Full neuropsychological evaluation required ($4,000).
  • Psychological Evaluation: Assuming no cognitive testing is required, $2,200.
  • Substance Abuse/Dependence: Full neuropsychological evaluation required ($4,000).
  • Evaluations that would only require re-administration of the CogScreen: $1,250 (existing client) or $1,650 (new client).

Forensic cases require the evaluator and retaining attorney (or IME company) to enter into an agreement. We do not work on liens. For a CV and fee schedule/agreement for forensic evaluations, please contact the evaluator directly. You may click on the evaluator’s name to send an e-mail. 

Delia Silva, PsyD, ABPP-CN

Psychotherapy & Counseling Rates

  • Initial Consultation: $300-412.50 (75-90 min session)
  • Psychotherapy (55-min session): $200-275 (based on the provider)
  • Initial Consultation: $210 (75-90 min session)
  • Psychotherapy (55-min session): $140
  • Initial Consultation: $120 (75-90 min session)
  • Psychotherapy (55-min session): $80

Insurance Options


Some of our providers are credentialed with Medicare, Tricare, Anthem, Cigna, and Aetna. Some of them also accept Workers’ Compensation insurance. Our Workers’ Compensation MPN list can be found here

Pre-authorization is always needed for neuropsychological or psychological evaluations. For those, an order from a referring doctor may be needed. Some types of evaluations may not be considered “medically necessary” by insurance companies and would not be covered. Our biller can assist in verifying benefits and coverage for the services you are seeking.


If the provider you choose is not within network, our administrative staff can provide you with a superbill with all the information needed for you to attempt to gain reimbursement from your insurance company after paying for services out-of-pocket.