Physician Fitness-for-Duty Evaluations

PaceDr. Silva performs comprehensive Fitness for Duty evaluations for the Medical Board of California’s Probation Unit. Depending on the referral questions, these evaluations may include thorough assessment of a physician’s psychological and/or cognitive functioning. Dr. Silva uses appropriate normative information to compare a physician’s performance, and takes into account the functions necessary for the physician to competently perform their work. Careful, yet objective conclusions and recommendations are formulated based on elaborate assessment of multiple factors, while being mindful of the outcome on both the physician, and the patients they serve. We understand that these evaluations can be highly anxiety-provoking and we do our best at PNBC to provide the examinee with a comfortable experience to minimize test anxiety.

The evaluations are comprehensive in order to ensure informed decisions. Medical and/or legal records are required for us to review prior to the first appointment, which are typically sent by the Medical Board Investigator. Evaluations always include a 1-2 hour long interview with Dr. Silva prior to undergoing testing. Collateral interviews with family members or co-workers may be required. A full psychological evaluation may take 3-5 face-to-face hours (including the interview) whereas a neuropsychological evaluation can take 6-12 face-to-face hours, depending on the questions that need to be answered. Typically, examinees are not scheduled for more than 6 hours at a time, and a second day of testing might be necessary. Upon completion of all the tests, a report is written which integrates the findings from the records, interviews, and testing, and determines conclusions and recommendations for treatment. This report is usually sent to the referral source within two weeks.

For additional questions about the process or to schedule an evaluation, please call 858-964-0722.