Category: Neuropsychology

About Neuropsychological Evaluations

What is a neuropsychologist? A neuropsychologist is a clinical psychologist with specialized training in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships. Neuropsychologists use cognitive and psychological tests to assess, diagnose, and provide treatment recommendations for individuals with neurological, medical, and psychiatric conditions. These assessments provide a better understanding of each patient’s cognitive, behavioral, and emotional strengths …

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Brain Overview

The brain is divided into two halves, called hemispheres. Clinically, they are described as the “dominant” and “non-dominant” hemispheres. The dominant hemisphere is generally the half in which language abilities are housed, which for most people is the left (about 99% of right-handed people and 85% of left-handed people). While all aspects of thinking use …

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Dementia/Neurodegenerative Diseases/Major Neurocognitive Disorders

What is Dementia? The term “dementia” refers to a group of conditions that deteriorate the brain over time, causing changes in cognition (thinking), behavior, and physical functioning. When the symptoms are severe enough to impact a person’s ability to function independently, dementia can be diagnosed. They are now more commonly referred to as “neurodegenerative diseases” …

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